3D Visualisations. Marketing Videos. Virtual Reality.

What’s the Point?

Point is our digital visualisation studio.

We create beautiful, bespoke VR, AR, marketing videos and 3D visualisations.

We bring places to life by working closely with our team of landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers and surveyors.

By using their smart data we’re able to produce the most visually accurate, digital outputs of places that are yet to be built.

These smart and beautiful visualisations are the result of our continual pursuit to evolve our industry.

The point is we never stop learning.

Who’s the Point?

Point is a small, handpicked team of creatives.

We come from a diverse range of tech and creative backgrounds and enjoy collaborating on new projects to make beautiful work.

Our purpose is to deliver the most dynamic, visual outcomes in response to our client’s needs.

We take our client’s vision and ensure that it’s reflected in everything we create, always placing the end user at the centre of the work.

The point is we understand.



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